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Listen up, Groupies. The ultimate V.I.P drinking pass is here! It’s Gloria’s Social Club.

She’s the glamour nanna with a groupie past, so it’s no wonder Gloria’s more into her Pornstar Martinis than she is her English Breakfast. Spending years with some of music’s biggest icons, from Jimmy Hendrix to David Bowie, she’s come to realise there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in the world of getting wasted!

Wanting to make sure all her groupies feel at home in her opulent den of debauchery, Gloria’s made it her mission to create the biggest, best and wildest bottomless drinks package in town. Think happy hour but way more unhinged! Head on down to her hipster haunt where the walls are littered with psychedelic patterns and the stories of the past still ring in the air. Rumour has it, Cher had her very first martini with Gloria.

Enjoy buckets of booze with Gloria’s all-inclusive Social Package. This iconic package includes an entire hour of bottomless Prosecco, Beer, Pornstar Martinis and Espresso Martinis so you can kickstart your evening as you mean to go on. Yes, that’s right, bottomless cocktails! Because, let’s be honest, sometimes bubbles alone just ain’t cutting it. 

Whether you’re looking for a wild night on the town or perhaps a girly catch up, opt for the social package to spend less time waiting to order and more time getting LIT. Zero queues, zero hassle but most importantly, zero f*cks given! If it’s your first time visiting Blame Gloria you’re in for a real treat. We’ve got a private disco in the toilets, a glittering tv tunnel and arguably the best cocktails in Covent Garden. 

How to redeem? Simple. Submit a booking enquiry, select the social package from the drop-down and click the payment link to reserve your slot. When you arrive on the day our cocktail connoisseurs will be on hand to ensure your drinks never run dry! Not on Gloria’s watch.

What are you waiting for? Book now via the form below and party with Gloria.