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Grease Bottomless Brunch

Grease Bottomless Brunch



Another new brunch? TELL ME ABOUT IT, STUD!

The most electrifying brunch to be born out of Gloria’s outrageous mind, our Grease Bottomless Drag Brunch, is here. We’re hopelessly devoted to booze and we’re serving up a healthy dose of bottomless bubbles and beer to help satisfy your cravings.

Take a trip with us to the ruckus Rydell High, where hand jiving and belting your lungs out are the only lessons on the agenda. Hosted by our very own Sandy and Danny. This brunch is is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic. Why it’s Greased Lightning!

Firstly, you’ll be transported straight to Cali, as the school bell signals precious drinking time, you’ll be welcomed with a tasty cocktail to kick your day off. Followed by bottomless booze and a bucket-load of sass. As Summer days are drifting away, we’re making sure your Winter is just as wild.

Expect a day packed with killer performances from our drag king and Queen. They’ll be bringing you all your favourite Grease hits and you won’t be alone at this drive-in. Join your fellow classmates as we invite you all to battle it out in a series of lip-sync battles, ballad belt-outs and group sing-alongs. It’s about to get loose and these bleachers are built for dancing on!

Tell me more, tell me more, what food is in store? Gloria’s serving up the ultimate brunch menu for all her party-goers, so you can sink your teeth into everything from sexy smashed avo to lip-smacking Harissa chicken.

Plus, you better put your hair wax to work, because we’re expecting impressive quiffs and bouncy blows as we dish out some bad-ass prizes for the best dressed Sandy’s and Danny’s.

Rally your T-Birds and Pink Ladies as we invite you to revel in a day of cheesy tunes and boundless booze. Pulling up at Blame Gloria Clapham Junction, bag your tickets because this is the brunch that you want!